Radio Larrakia 94.5 FM aims to promote Larrakia language and Larrakia culture to the Darwin and surrounding region combined with news, music, sport and information in a radio format through broadcast media.

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(Larrakia Radio Aboriginal Cultural Protocols and Ethics 2014) 

NBN Adviser Darren Rudd and The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, John Noble addressed the broadcasting Industry in Darwin of the latest updates for the NBN rollout in Darwin and the benefits of the "Super Internet Highway" for Broadcasting and the consumers in the Darwin Region. Both Darren and John took the time to visit the Digital Broadcasting facility of Larrakia Radio and Larrakia TV.

NBN Adviser Darren Rudd,  Larrakia Radio Broadcaster Christine Sarikon and the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, John Noble visit Larrakia Radio's Digital Broadcasting facility in Darwin


Larrakia Radio Team, Patrick McKenzie broadcasting in the studio


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Larrakia Radio is Darwin's only Aboriginal radio station located in the heart of Darwin CBD, giving VOICE to Larrakia and the wider Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, providing FULL TIME JOBS for Indigenous people through the Radio Larrakia INDIGENOUS BROADCASTING TRAINING PROGRAM. Leading the way in Aboriginal Cultural Protocols and Ethics, Mentoring, Professional Development, Digital Technology, IT and Communications.

Every year Larrakia Radio hosts broadcasts major events such as NAIDOC, The Bombing of Darwin Annual Celebration, Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week, Youth Week, International Women's Day, Defence Week, Festivals, Culture and Arts Exhibitions, Annual Indigenous Economic Forum and a host of others.

More than eight thousand people attended the National Celebration Event at the Darwin cenotaph on the Esplanade for the celebration of the 70th Commemoration of the Bombing of darwin . Larrakia Radio broadcast the entire event from 8.30am to 1.30pm live to the Darwin audience and shared the broadcast with National Aboriginal Radio Channel 913 VAST Satellite across Australia.

Bombing in Darwin broadcast

Larrakia Radio Christine Sarikon and William Rosas Present the National Radio Broadcast

The crowd exceeded more than 8,000 for the 70th Bombing of Darwin Celebration

Larrakia Radio Indigenous Broadcasting Production Team outside broadcast event debrief - 
Left to right - Patrick McKenzie, Tahlee Fereday, Carlissa Broome and Jason Kononen