Sponsorship, partnerships and community opportunities

Sponsorship opportunties

Radio Larrakia 94.5FM's footprint is Darwin and the Greater Darwin surrounding region, reaching 210,000 people within the broadcast service area. In addition, Radio Larrakia 94.5FM now broadcasts through Australian Indigenous Radio on the VAST Satellite Channel 913 with a reach to 2,400 Aboriginal communities across Australia.

Enquire about digital production available on request.

Employment and Training Program:
Our Indigenous Broadcasting Employment and Training Program creates full time jobs for Indigenous people. Our program leads the way in Aboriginal Cultural Protocols, Ethics, Mentoring, Professional Development, Digital Technology, IT and Communications.

Radio Larrakia 94.5FM's production unit has the facility to produce in excess of 40 Aboriginal languages from across Australia. We have a proven track record of supplying Aboriginal Language translations on time and in budget.

Please contact us for more info on sponsorship, employment and production opportunities